Back Office:

Why use Caribbean Advocate Back Office?

Back Office provides a powerful, easy-to-use solution for time tracking, legal accounting, trust accounting, billing and more in one integrated package. Back Office can help your firm manage your books more efficiently, expedite your billing process and enhance overall practice management.

Trust Accounting

Back Office 's trust accounting features help you manage trust and trust related transactions with minimal effort. Easily process trust receipts, checks, and transfers between clients.
Unlimited regular and interest-bearing trust banks, trust overdraft protection, view client trust ledgers and produce trust reports, meet local trust regulations, receiving Trust Funds
Trust checks can be written on behalf of a client or general ledger trust account. Integrated security features help prevent trust overdrafts when writing a check.
Trust can be transferred between clients or matters using the Trust Transfer feature. 

Banking - Recommended Banks

Up-to-date bank balances can be accessed by selecting the Bank Balance feature.
Back Office supports the use of unlimited bank general or trust bank accounts.
Integrated deposit slip printing for firm and trust receipts allows you to print deposit slips for receipts, eliminating the need to create hand written deposit slips.
Balancing your bank doesn't have to be painful. Back Office's simplified onscreen formula walks you through selecting checks, deposits, credits, and adjustments until your bank is reconciled.

Financial Reports - Recommended Accountants

When you enter transactions in Back Office the client and general ledger are automatically updated in a single step, simplifying transaction entry. You don't have to be a bookkeeper to understand how to use Back Office because entering transactions is designed to be easy.
Back Office's comprehensive selection of General Ledger reports ensure that valuable financial information is always at your fingertips.
Cash, Modified Cash and Accrual methods of accounting are supported and a preset Chart of Accounts is included for each accounting method. The Chart of Accounts can be customized as required.

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