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Documents enforces a secure and centralized filing and storage system.

Configure the Document Profile to suit your business and capture the information you need with each of your documents. Find your documents by profile and/or full text searching.

Use DocuementLink to integrate with your other business applications for populating dropdowns and auto profiling documents.

Documents auto captures Word and Excel documents. You may capture, profile and search any document type.

Documents stores and searches Outlook emails including attachments.

Need a document you recently worked on?

No need to search, it will be on your own recent documents list.

Need to keep track of document versions?

Documents allows organisation based rules for versions plus an override ability to determinethe number of versions to be kept for individual documents.

Want to add a “sticky note” to a document?

Documents text notes capture any information you wish to add without changing or becoming part of the document. Use notes to capture and then search the firm’s intellectual knowledge.

Need to access legacy or archive documents?
Want to bulk scan & search your archive hard copy documents or archive and search your email files?

Documents comes bundled with DocumentLocate specifically designed to search your legacy or archive documents without you having to do any reorganisation of your documents. Search for files across LANs, WANs, CDs/DVDs, external drives and zipped files. Search across one directory, a selection or all directories simultaneously.

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