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Time Capture

SS' time tracking features help you track and record time with minimal effort and maximum flexibility. Easily create new entries, edit existing ones, or delete entries that are no longer needed. Mark entries as billable or non-billable, use customizable timekeeper rates or default client rates, enter time with flat fees, and check spelling with the integrated spell checker. To speed up time entry select from user-defined alpha or numeric time codes or set up your own custom narratives.


Accounts Receivable: SS makes it easy to track and collect receivables by providing Accounts Receivable reports that can be run by lawyer, aging, date range, and minimum balance, in detail or in summary.

Work-In-Progress: SS' work-in-progress reports allow you to review your work prior to creating bills. View unbilled and billed entries in detail or summary as well as work-in-progress aging.


Accounts Payable: SS features a fully integrated accounts payable module that you can use to track and pay accounts payable invoices.

  • Track firm or client expenses
  • Pay expenses for multiple clients on a single check
  • Print a check to pay one vendor or a check run to pay multiple vendors
  • Partial or full pay invoices by vendor or due date
  • View or print vendor reports, cash requirements reports, and aging reports.

Trust Accounting: SS' trust accounting features help you manage trust and trust related transactions with minimal effort. Easily process trust receipts, checks, and transfers between clients.

Financials: When you enter transactions in SS the client and general ledger are automatically updated in a single step, simplifying transaction entry. You don't have to be a bookkeeper to understand how to use SS because entering transactions is designed to be easy.

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