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SS features a fully integrated calendaring system designed to help you manage all of your daily appointments and tasks. Easily enter appointments and tasks, set up recurring appointments, set reminders, and post time to client files from appointments and tasks. A robust productivity toolset at your fingertips to help manage your busy day!


SS' built-in document management tools will help make managing documents in your firm a whole lot easier. Using the document management features you can automatically create folders for your clients and keep them up-to-date each time you add a new client, never having to manually create a document storage folder in Windows. Once your folders are set up, you can view documents for clients or matters in Inquiry, Timetracker Inquiry or from your Calendar, making accessiblity to clients documents fast and efficient.

  • Automatically create storage folders
  • Easily add, edit, save, delete or print documents from SS
  • Move or copy documents between clients or matters
  • Create sub-folders for clients or matters for document storage


SS allows you to maintain a complete database of all of your private and public contacts and easily associate those contacts to clients or matters. If you're looking for particular contact you can use the Search for feature to quickly find them or scroll the list after choosing the first letter of their name. Contact views can also be filtered by type or role.


SS takes control over both your incoming and outgoing emails, filing them quickly and logically at the click of a mouse:

  • Your Inbox: The majority of your daily emails come from the same contacts. Just setup once where you want emails from each sender to be filed, and from then on a simple mouse click they will be filed away automatically. You'll never again have to organize mail by hunting for folders and subfolders, then dragging and dropping.
  • Your Sent Mail: With one click, your outgoing mail is sent and filed to the correct folder, automatically. So no more digging through hundreds of emails in the sent folder to locate that extremely important message you forgot to file earlier.

    Works with MS Outlook standard edition

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